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Sit-to-Stand Aids
FlexiMove has multiple areas of application. For example as support when helping somebody get up from a bed or chair, when moving higher up in bed or when transferring to and from a wheelchair – in that case, often on a sliding board.
FlexiGrip is the solution for users who have physical difficulties getting out of bed in the mornings. Step by step they gradually pull themselves up from a lying to a sitting position.
ReTurn 7100 is excellent for the taller user or when the user stands up from a high bed or chair.
ReTurn 7400 has a lower ladder-type frame which suits the shorter person and children. It also works well in care situations, such as x-ray departments.
ReTurn 7500 has a standard height ladder-type frame that suits most adults. The spacing of the gripping bars provides multiple hand placement options for the user.