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Secure and comfortable rising.

ThoraxSling is a comfortable sit-to-stand vest which is used together with MiniLift125 and MiniLift200. It is easy to fit for the carer and gives the user support and a sense of security for rising and for standing exercises. It also makes toileting chores easier.

Together with MiniLift, the ThoraxSling provides a very gentle and comfortable, natural pattern of sit-to-stand movement. The movement of the lift arm is designed so that the pulling motion ends comfortably in the lower back which prevents the vest from riding up under the arms..

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Item No Product Size
691591 ThoraxSling S
691592 ThoraxSling M
691593 ThoraxSling L
691594 ThoraxSling XL
691595 ThoraxSling XXL
691174 CalfStrap
400962000 Attachments for CalfStrap, 1 pair
691596 ThoraxSling with seat support S
691597 ThoraxSling with seat support M
691598 ThoraxSling with seat support L
691599 ThoraxSling with seat support XL