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StandUpSling gives the user security.

StandUpSling is a sit-to-stand vest, which enables a gentle raising in spite of reduced function. However, the user must have some core/trunk stability.

With StandUpSling transfers, standing training and toileting becomes easier for both user and carer.

StandUpSling is designed to provide a secure supportbehind the back of the user during the raising. The arms are held outside of the vest. The three different lengths of loopsprovide for an upright position irrespectively of the user’s height. The inside of the vest has a non-slip surface, which prevents the vest from riding up under the arms.

StandUpSling has extra padding under the user's arms. For pressure-sensitive users, StandUpSling Padding is available as an accessory.

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Item No. Product Size
45200004 StandUpSling S
45200006 StandUpSling M
45200007 StandUpSling L
45200008 StandUpSling XL
45273306 StandUpSling Padding for S-M
45273307 StandUpSling Padding for L-XL