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A good, strong grip around the waist is often all that is needed.

In many transfer situations a firm and helping hand is exactly what is needed. SystemRoMedic’s EasyBelt and FlexiBelt, are used for sit-to-stand transfers or for moving from the wheelchair to the bed, toilet or car. It's all about a little firm support and help when it's most needed.

Firm grip in two versions

The belt, which is placed around the user’s waist or hips, has multiple, sturdy handles, both vertically and horizontally, providing the carer with a firm grip in various situations. The belt is available in two versions. EasyBelt has a rough inside of PU-coated nylon and can therefore be used in environments where moisture and dampness are present or when there are special hygiene requirements. FlexiBelt has a soft innerside of polyester velvet which makes it very comfortable to wear.

For heavy transfers, the belt can be combined with other devices

For transfers that are heavy and complex, the belt can easily be used in combination with other devices. Sitting transfers can be made with a little extra help from a sliding mat like EasySlide or the EasyGlide sliding board. (These can be found on pages 30 and 16 of this catalogue.)

EasyBelt and FlexiBelt make life easier for both user and carer, and they have positive effects on the way in which both parties work together in everyday situations.

  • The handles are ergonomically designed to provide the best possible grip.
  • The tightening strap is sturdy and easy to adjust.
  • The quick-connect buckle is strong and safe and easy to open, close and tighten.
  • The outer material is made of durable nylon for maximum product life.
  • Vertical and horizontal handles enable easy access and a good grip from all positions.
  • Sturdy finished edge increases longevity of the product.
  • In exposed areas, the seams are reinforced.
  • FlexiBelt has a soft innerside, making the belt comfortable.
  • This innerside is anti-slip treated, which keeps the belt in position preventing slippage.
  • EasyBelt has a rough inside of PU-coated nylon which prevents slipping against clothes and repels moisture and water.
  • Patented by SE Patent No. 525 693.
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Item No. Product Size Waist measurement Handles
6012 EasyBelt XS 45–70 cm / 18"-28" 5 pcs
6013 EasyBelt S 60-100 cm / 24"-40" 7 pcs
6014 EasyBelt M 70-120 cm / 28"-48" 9 pcs
6015 EasyBelt L 100-160 cm / 40"-64" 11 pcs
6023 FlexiBelt S 60-100 cm / 24"-40" 7 pcs
6024 FlexiBelt M 70-120 cm / 28"-48" 9 pcs
6025 FlexiBelt L 100-160 cm / 40"-64" 11 pcs
6026 FlexiBelt XL 11-175 cm / 46"-70" 13 pcs

EasyBelt / FlexiBelt are used for sitting transfers or as support when the patient is standing and walking. Outer material: nylon. Inside material: FlexiBelt, polyester velvet and EasyBelt, moisture-repellent PU-coated nylon. EasyBelt is recommended in environments with special hygiene requirements, while FlexiBelt has a softer and more pleasant surface against the body.