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No-one stays put on a see-saw.

The OneWaySlide has many functions. The main one improves sitting positions in chairs or wheelchairs. This is why the OneWaySlide-design is so efficient. The sliding mat effectively retards forward movement yet slides backwards, making it easy for the carer to help the user move into a more comfortable position in the chair. It is simply a case of grabbing the handles and pulling - without great use of force. The OneWaySlide has a soft padded surface that's very comfortable to sit on.

The OneWaySlide is also available in a tube-shaped design without draw straps for the more active user. Item no. 2069 and 2070.

  • A soft, padded surface facilitates sitting comfort.
  • A non-slide area prevents the user from sliding forward.
  • Straps for attachment to wheelchairs.
  • Robust draw straps mean that carers need not physically pull users.
  • The ULF sliding material under the buttocks makes it easy to pull the user backwards.
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Item No. Product Size
2069 OneWaySlide 40, Tubular 50 x 40 cm / 20" x 16"
2070 OneWaySlide 45, Tubular 50 x 45 cm / 20" x 18"

Use the OneWaySlide for moving users further back in chairs or wheelchairs. The OneWaySlide is made of polyester, polyethylene and our special sliding material ULF (Ultra Low Friction).