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Every pressure sore we can avoid makes life easier for bedridden people.

The EasySlide (140 x 90) is designed for normal-weight users with limited to severely reduced abilities to participate in the process. These people are often permanently confined to the bed, and it is therefore important to prevent pressure sores.

EasySlide ensures this by reducing the friction on the shoulders, hips and head during turning and by making it easy to turn the user as often as required. EasySlide is very gentle for people in pain. Furthermore, the load on the carer is reduced due to easier and less-heavy transfers. EasySlide can be delivered with a protective cover.

The EasySlide (200 x 90) has extra padding in order to reduce the risks of pressure sores. The padding distributes the pressure over the entire body and reduces pressure, friction and risk of shearing on the especially vulnerable pressure points: the shoulders, hips, head, and feet.

EasySlide is mainly designed for users who are bedridden, with severely reduced functional abilities, often in intensive care units. By reducing the friction underneath the user, turning is performed easily and painlessly for both user and carer. Good hygiene is a factor which also contributes to the prevention of pressure sores, and EasySlide can therefore be delivered with a removable protective cover.

  • The outerside is made of micro-fibers, which are gentle against the body. This is especially important for bedridden users and for people in pain.
  • Straps for fastening the sliding mat guarantee that it lies correctly in the bed.
  • The inside is made of our unique sliding material ULF (Ultra Low Friction), which reduces the friction under the user, thus very little force is required for the turning process.
  • EasySlide can be supplied with a protective cover.
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Item No. Product Size
1420 EasySlide with two fastening straps 140 x 90 cm / 56" x 36"
1440 EasySlide with two fastening straps,
incl. protective cover (1420 and 1451)
140 x 90 cm / 56" x 36"
1441 Protective cover for 1420 and 1430
1451 Disposable cover for 1220 and 1230
1470 EasySlide with four fastening straps 200 x 90 cm / 80" x 36"
1480 EasySlide with four fastening straps,
incl. protective cover (1470 and 1481)
200 x 90 cm / 80" x 36"
1481 Protective cover for 1470, 1480
1599 Locking strap for 1420, 1430, 1470, 1480

The EasySlide is used for turning in bed. EasySlide is made of micro-fibers with a padding of polyester and our special sliding material ULF (Ultra Low Friction). The protective cover is made of polyester. It is soft, comfortable, and light material which can be left permanently in the bed.