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Sliding Mats
The OneWaySlide has many functions. The main one improves sitting positions in chairs or wheelchairs. This is why the OneWaySlide-design is so efficient.
The OneWaySlide is also available in a tube-shaped design without draw straps for the more active user.
Getting into cars can be difficult and awkward, but once in, they are the key to freedom for many people. We have developed a device that makes it easier to get into cars and into a comfortable position.
The EasySlide (100 x 70) is mainly designed for users requiring only some care who need to turn and move in bed. It performs best on a rough surface.
The EasySlide (140 x 90) is designed for normal-weight users with limited to severely reduced abilities to participate in the turning process.
The EasySlide (50 x 60) is an excellent aid for moving users higher up in bed, for helping them out of bed or for transferring them from the bed to the wheelchair.