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Bed Products
IncoSheet is a washable incontinence protection to be placed on the bed and over existing bed equipment. It fits beautifully on the WendyLett and TurnSheet. IncoSheet with wings on each side also enables positioning in the bed.
The WendyLett is available in two Colors, white and grey with narrow white stripes, and in many different sizes. The sliding takes place sideways, along the direction of the stripes.
WendyLett2Way is a drawsheet to be combined with a WendyLett base sheetThe WendyLett2Way drawsheet is made of a material which is adapted to the base sheet so that sliding down in bed is much reduced.
WendyLett4Way is a sliding drawsheet to be combined with WendyLett base sheet. The multi-directional WendyLett4Way sliding drawsheet is made of a material which is designed to work in combination with the WendyLett base sheet.
The patented*, self-retracting handles are not the only features of this pillowcase, but they are very handy when you need to help a patient to sit up in bed.
SystemRoMedic’s TurnSheet (65 x 130) is used to enable turning and changing position in bed. This is a very popular product, especially for people with back problems and for pregnant women with pelvic conditions.
Being confined to a lying position for a long period is a strain on the body and soul. It gets even worse if pressure sores develop. With the help of a frequent turning schedule and TurnSheet (140 x 200), life becomes much easier both for user and carer.
A pain-sensitive user, requiring intensive and frequent care can be a challenge for carers. With TurnSheet (200 x 150) little strength is needed and unnecessary lifting is avoided in turning. This device is often used in hospitals and in home care.
The TopSheet is used for incontinent, bedridden userswho must be turned often. The TopSheet is also excellent when you need to hold a heavy user in a lateral position, for instance when assisting with personal hygiene or dressing wounds.